Thursday, June 18, 2009

our home..

ok. So this is just a few pictures. I didnt have enough space on my camera, so I only deleted a few photos I didnt really need to be able to fit these 6 pictures on. But I will post more when I can. Because trust me there is lots more.

This is our fish/turtle tank we have in the entry way. We now have 4 turtles :)

This is our living room. It is soo cozy and feels like home. I love it.

This TV was purchased by my grandparents! They are the best. It has amazing picture. The vases to the right were givin to us by my foster family, the Vigils. We absolutly LOVE the vases!

This is our kitchen. I am in love with the table. It is soo amazing. The kitchen is the perfect size for the 2 of us. On the left side where its kinda cut off, there is the fridge, pantry, and some more cupboards.

These are in Will's office. He is a funny boy. He loves his office. He got a new desk that I couldnt fit a picture on, so that is another photo coming up in the near future. It is a super sick desk.

This is a picture of half our bathroom. Ha. Other half to come. The towels on the rack that are red, black and white, my aunt Mary sewed for us. We absolutly love them. She is amazing.
So the next pictures will be of... our entry way where we hung our wedding photos, guest bathroom, guest room, our bedroom, our new bedspread made and sewn by my aunt Mary, Janet, and wonderful grandmother made for us, and Will's new desk. Ill hurry and try to get them up.. but I am pretty slow.


  1. Tere! I think I need to hire you to come be my decorator!!! Your house is so cute!!

  2. Oh tere its so cute! im so glad you guys have a home now:)! haha!


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