Monday, June 15, 2009

one month

We have been married one month today! Crazy to think of it but its been that long. Hopefully life will start to slow down so we can savor everyday. It has been so busy decorating the house, Will and I traveling up north, then him down to vegas, and me back up north. I am so happy right now and wouldnt trade anything for my life. I was nervous when all my friends and some of Will's kept saying just wait, what is one more year, your too young, dont do it, you lose your freedom, but i am so glad i didnt take that advice and did what my heart told me to do. Its such a different rush and happiness when you get married. When I was single I was always saying.. ya I wanna get married but not till I am like 24. I want to live my life. Now I am saying oh I am dying to have kids.. but not till I am 25. Its so different the way you see your life and what God has in store for you. Hopefully he has the same view for kids as I do... in 5-6 years :)

I love you William Thomas.. and cant wait to see what the future holds. Here is to our 1 month..

This is us dating...

This is our engagement...

US married!

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  1. Holy cow that went by so fast Tere! I still haven't met him! I am glad you are so happy!


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