Tuesday, June 23, 2009

happy (late) fathers day

so maybe i suck and didnt post on fathers day, what of it?
I just wanna say that i have the most wonderful father of all! He is so special to me and to Will. He is not only my father but my bishop, friend, hero, and daddy. I loves him so much and just wanted everyone to know that my daddy's the best there is. NO BATTLE!

Also happy fathers day to both of our grandpa's. They both have played an important role in both our lifes. And we are soo thankful for them. They are so sweet and cute. I love to be with my grandpa and listening to how is car is sucking again and how he is going to fix it. Or the best is if he is watching some sport and a player is doing poorly... lets just say he is not very nice. but i find it hilarious. And as for Will's grandpa he is always so sweet to me when i walk into the door. He always says "theres our girl, or there is my grandsons wife.." its funny. He is such a cute grandpa and taught William very well growing up. We love you grandpa's.

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