Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just work thoughts

So as I get older and get more involved with work the more I am finding out i am a geek.  Really never would of thought that I was but I kinda am.  I am A Mac freak iTV, MacBook, iPhone, Josh my boss hooked me up with an iMac at work, thanks man totally stoked on it.  So this pic is of our Durst UV Flatbed torn apart. these things are so crazy but I was so excited to see it all opened up I just had to post a pic of tis thing. Prints at 1600 SQ FT per hour. Its supper fast.  Like everything at Design to Print we back it up and have the best. We print on a Vutek 5330 16' press then bought its brother the Vutek 3360 10.5' press. We did the same with the durst we have a Rho Pictor 80" and his brother the Rho 160.  I am totally excited cus we are printing signage for MTV's new move Dance Flick. Totally cool. Also we are printing all the event signage for this years NHL Awards. NHL thats big. Working on getting the paper work to print all the hockey stadiums for the NHL. Sick. Anyways that it for now.

PS I love TERE ... the end

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