Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy birthday mother dear

It was my madre's birthday yesterday and she turned the ripeful age of 20. Ha jk she may kill me if i tell the truth :)
10 Things I loves about my mother

1. She is amazing with helping our family with what ever we need! (wedding, errands, graduation, eagle scouts, wedding, showers, etc.)
2. She has a contagious laugh and can entertain a crowd with it.
3. She raised me to be exactly like her and I am proud of it. Will always tells me that I act just like her and that our temper is the same :)
4. She is a blast to hang out with. We went to women's conference this last weekend and I had so much fun being with her!
5. When she cooks, she can make yummy food.
6. She is a hard worker, and very crafty. She can take something ugly and make it darling.
7. She has done so much for mine and wills wedding that with out her we would not be having the most amazing wedding day, flowers, veil, dress, bouquet, food, shoes, and just everything that we are having. I am so thankful for her!
8. She finds us the best deals for everything, washer, dryer, book shelves, etc.
9. She loves me and has held me and help me thru tough times throughout life.
10. I love my mother because she is mine.
Happy Birthday. Hope it was absolutely amazing. Love yous!

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