Monday, April 27, 2009

I cant wait for...

1. To have a place that is just mine and williams
2. To be able to cook meals for us.. that are healthy.. i am sure it will only last a week :)
3. My bridal shower this weekend
4. May 15th
5. May 23rd.. Honey moon and no i dont know where we are going. Only William does
6. To not have to say goodnight
7. Be able to say good morning face to face not thru text.
8. To have a big house warming party! with lots of friends.. but it will be a while :)
9. To have our house all done.. retiled, decorated, re decorated and re arranged again
10. To have cake thrown into my face. Not i will murder!
11. To have all of our family and friends together
12. To live happily ever after and for eternity with Mr. Shake

I cant wait for life to just begin

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