Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Time!

Will playing with his lego men (such a little boy)
This is will's grandparents, they are
absolutly adorable!

Miss Daysie, hanging out with will
Yay for our pajama's!
My gorgeous dog, Holly!
Portrait in front of the lovely tree
My father, got a new motorized boat for when we go to

the house boat, he will have a toy to play with at the marina:)

ha will tried on my head bands my mom made for me.
He is pretty cute huh?
My dad and grandmother.

My other grandparents, and brother
This is our lute before we busted into all the presents!
Christmas was a blast. Will and I slept at my rents house christmas eve (in separate beds of course:) ) so we would be able to wake up and open presents! I am pretty sure we all got everything that we wanted and then some! Will got a new camera thanks to me, clothes, TWO new tool boxes, pajama pants, a remote control mini cooper!, and so much more. I think my rents spoiled him more than me this year. I got the same old stuff, clothes, shoes, perfume, shoes, purses, shoes, purses, and more. I got a ton of cooking stuff, not to mention I have NEVER in my life cooked a meal. I think my family is either telling me something, or preparing me for the whole marriage life. Cuz I guess the girl in the relationship is to do the cooking or something?? Any how I got a 14 Piece dish set, cook books, a flirty apron, and more. Here are some pictures from my house and will's grandparents.


  1. Whoever told you that the girl is supposed to cook lied!!!! Trev does the cooking in our marriage!! haha jk jk i cook sometimes!! I hope you had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Love you!

  2. oh you updated! how fun i wana go snowboarding although i SUCK at it its ok....hahah i love you!

  3. hello!!

    so we've moved on from the single myspace to the married blogspot, eh? haha. its the cool thing to do.

    how are you? It looks as if you and your cute boy toy are doing just fabulous...


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